Thank U Next- Cover

Not a huge Ariana Grande fan but a Youtuber I watch was in the video so I thought I'd check it out. This isn't that but its pretty cool anyway.  I love watching Kurt Hugo Schneider and he did a Madilyn Bailey collab. Enjoy loves  


Something About Grief

Grief is a funny thing. Some deal with it by pretending it didn't happen. Some by throwing themselves so hard into something else that it becomes a thing of the past. And grief combined with moving can make it all to real. Case in point. In 2014 a super close family friend lost her fight … Continue reading Something About Grief


Hey everyone. You probably noticed I've been...absent. I usually take off the summer to refresh with everything but I found it really hard to come back for some reason. not because I don't love what I do or anything, this is definitely a passion and a strong one I just...haven't been doing great. Mental health … Continue reading Hey