I’m here

I'm here Still here If you even cared to look Perhaps not As I seem to have taken so much So much from you I didn't... It wasn't... I'm sorry I'll just go back over here Til you decide to actually put faith in me I'm here


Little Mix Are Literal Queens

I could've sworn I did a post on this already as the last album did drop in November but apparently not. Little Mix is a group that won the British version of X factor and just dropped their fifth album (In November. Oops) titled LM5. Holy mother of Jesus wigs have been snatched and are … Continue reading Little Mix Are Literal Queens

Letter to Somebody (real or fiction series)

November 11th 2018 Dear Someone, No matter if your real. Or all in my head. It’d be nice to know that someone cared. Someone understood. Someone real and wasn’t sticking to the script in my imagination. Wish people would have real conversations instead of brushing it all behind a curtain to brew and simmer on … Continue reading Letter to Somebody (real or fiction series)