Hit a mental…everything (Life Update?)

Not going to lie. This year has been complete shit so far. Mentally, physically and emotion health wise. And I absolutely hate it. Hate that I'm so far in my head that I can't pull myself out. I can't remember the last time I was afraid of....myself. Usually someone in my life has held that … Continue reading Hit a mental…everything (Life Update?)


Lets Talk About- Periods

The title is the warning. This post is about periods.   How much do people actually know about periods? I'm beginning to realize not much. Its stigmatized and so even a lot of females don't talk about it. I realized this towards the end of January when I was working on a show. Half the … Continue reading Lets Talk About- Periods

Letter to Somebody (real or fiction series)

November 11th 2018 Dear Someone, No matter if your real. Or all in my head. It’d be nice to know that someone cared. Someone understood. Someone real and wasn’t sticking to the script in my imagination. Wish people would have real conversations instead of brushing it all behind a curtain to brew and simmer on … Continue reading Letter to Somebody (real or fiction series)