Humor me

Please humor me And tell me why you thought you could lie Lie to me and think it would be ok After everything we've been through You thought it was ok to hurt me   Humor me and tell me How I'm sorry makes this better How I'm sorry fixes what you did   Humor … Continue reading Humor me


I’m trying

I'm trying not to cry Right now But the tears are falling anyway It hurts so much To trust someone And for them to take advantage And just leave without a word   It was wrong of me to trust you Wrong of me to care Wrong in me to put faith in the fact … Continue reading I’m trying

Ice Cream

I wanted to write and finish some pieces today but then I was fortunate (read the sarcasm) to have a conversation with my parents about how much they disapprove of my lifestyle, when am I getting married and generally a long conversation of unpleasantness. So, instead I'm eating ice cream and hiding from the world … Continue reading Ice Cream


I'm stuck in my head the voices their screaming Yelling Pushing pulling me and they won't let me go Telling me I'm worthless Different No one wants me   The tears streaming down my face as I beg for it to stop Just stop   Why won't you stop why can't I control it Why … Continue reading Stuck