Letter to Somebody (real or fiction series)

November 11th 2018

Dear Someone,

No matter if your real. Or all in my head. It’d be nice to know that someone cared. Someone understood. Someone real and wasn’t sticking to the script in my imagination. Wish people would have real conversations instead of brushing it all behind a curtain to brew and simmer on its own. They say emotions make you weak and I sometimes wonder if their right. But not having them makes you numb I know that much. And that’s the last thing I want. To be another mindless drone in this world. If that means I’m alone with the demons and monsters in my head. Doomed to have no one ever care enough to want to get that close then I guess maybe that’s what I deserve. Because whenever I get that close, whenever my walls come down my armor starts to crack…I get so close but they always leave. Even when they claim they never will that I’ll never lose them. I always know the time starts ticking then


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